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Random pics I've taken (#1) by coolgirl5623 Random pics I've taken (#1) :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 0 0 Random little fabulous dude by coolgirl5623 Random little fabulous dude :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 0 0 Cute little Ciel by coolgirl5623 Cute little Ciel :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 0 0 Cute little chibi by coolgirl5623 Cute little chibi :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 0 0 Lil' demon by coolgirl5623 Lil' demon :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 1 0 Sexy Ronald Knox by coolgirl5623 Sexy Ronald Knox :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 0 1 A cute little Sebby by coolgirl5623 A cute little Sebby :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 4 3
Donnie x reader : you don't have to be afraid
Donnie x reader : you don't have to be afraid
(Y/n's pov)
'I have only 5 more blocks to go'- (y/n) thought trying to stay positive. (Y/n) had just been attacked by some thugs,but 4 Heros came to your assistance. While they dealt with the thugs, you ran to safety. (Y/n) had never been in a situation so scary before,and it sent chills down your spine,at the thought of it. (Y/n) had just calmed down,(y/n) heard a noise come from behind her. A blindfold came over her eyes,and a hand went over her mouth.
(No bodies pov)
"You don't have to be afraid, I won't hurt you"-Donnie said, trying to calm you down
"My name is Donnie, what's your's"- Donnie said pulling on your hand
"My name is (Y/n)"-you said shyly, blushing I'm the process
"Come on,we are going home" - Donnie said,pulling you with him,to the nearest sewer lid
(Y/n) and Donnie make there way down into the sewer,where he removed the blindfold.
"Where are we exactly?"- you asked
"My home,the sewer"- Donnie said quietly
:iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 5 1
Daddy! Jse x mommy! Reader : Merry Christmas
(Sorry for the delay,I've been busy,and I also was sick,I'm alive,by the power of anime,hope you enjoy)
(Btw it's Christmas Eve,at night)
(Y/n) and Sean had just gotten Link (8 years old) and Keela (2 years old) to sleep. (Y/n) and Sean are now on the journey to your shared bedroom.
"(Y/n),you look tired"-Sean said,pointing out the obvious
"Yeah, having two kids is a lot of work"-(y/n) said,while yawning
Sean walked over to the bed,and sat on the corner. Pulling you into a position of straddling him.
"I love you"-Sean said,hugging you tightly
"I love you too"-(Y/n) said,snuggling into his chest
you both got ready to go to bed,and climbed in to bed. Sean embraced you in a bone crushing hug.
"Good night"-Sean said as he smiled
(time skip to morning)
"Mommy!!!,Daddy!!!"-Link shouted loudly 
"Wake Up!!!!"-linked shouted,louder that before.
you got up,stretched,and woke up sean. (Y/n) sent Sean and link to get Keela and get ready,while you fix breakfast.
(y/n) m
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My b-day cake by coolgirl5623 My b-day cake :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 5 4
Jacksepticeye x reader x child : cake
Jacksepticeye x reader x child : cake
(Jse Pov)
Today was Sean's day to babysit Link (your guys kid),today was Link's birthday and you had run to the store to get presents and pick up his cake.His cake has Sam on it,it was Sean's idea.Link was turning 3 today and you're pretty sure Sean was more excited than Link himself.
"Well,I'm out",(y/n) said as you gathered your wallet and the car keys.
"K,see you later",Sean said as he ran over to you,embracing you in a hug,giving you a good bye kiss.
(Y/n) soon left,Sean went up to Link's room to wake Link up.
"Good morning Link",Sean said happily
Link yawns and then says ,"oh,good morning Daddy".
Sean walked over to Link's bed which has a Legend of Zelda printed all over it.He picked up Link and hugged him saying,"happy birthday little dude."
"Thank you daddy",Link said happily.
"You ready for a hero's breakfast?" Sean said happily.
"Yeah!!!",Link said very excited.
"Okay,first lets get dressed",Sean said
Sean and Link both had a shirt with Sa
:iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 14 18
YouTube sleepover part 2
YouTuber sleepover part one
                         (Your P.O.V)
(Btw this is a multiple night/day sleepover)
You awoke in a bed with (your favourite YouTuber).the first thought that went through your head was 'omg,omg what do I do,he's snuggling me'.you didn't move,just laided back down.He once again put you in an iron Embrace.(btw you guys didn't do it lolz).
(later than morning)
"guys breakfast is ready",markipier said as he walked in the room.
"good morning Mark",you said happily."morning (y/n)" Mark said.'how am I gonna get him up? 'you thought slightly poked him on the forehead,"oh morning (y/n)" (your favourite YouTube) said.
                                           (At breakfast)
Mark made pancakes,eggs,bacon,and sausage for breakfast.You got pancakes and bacon,and sat next to (your favouri
:iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 3 2
Gaming! YouTubers x reader part 1
Gaming! YouTubers x reader part 1
You were walking down the sidewalk with your best friend Hannah (yay me!!).Mark,Sean, and Felix (pewdiepie) ran up to you."hey (y/n),hey Hannah,we were wondering if you would like to attend a sleepover at mark's house"."Sure we would love too",Hannah said without even considering (y/n)'s feelings."can I bring my puppy,Ellie?",Hannah said,"sure Hannah",mark said making the 'omg your puppy is so cute face'.You were soon one your way to mark's house.
                 <at mark's house>
You knocked on the door,Hannah opened the door with Sam and tiny box Tim on her shoulders,and said,"hey (y/n),what's up?"."not much can't wait to see who attended the legendary YouTuber sleepover".you walked in the door to be hugged by pewds,then mark,and finally Sean.Hannah walked over to mark,kissed his cheek and went into the kitchen."what do you guys request for snacks?",everyone shouted "PIZZA!!!!","okay,chill chica"(da
:iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 9 6
Mature content
Jacksepticeye x reader, jack vs. the baby :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 8 0
Mature content
Jacksepticeye x reader (lemon) :iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 26 20
Markiplier x reader : video game picnics
Markiplier x reader video game picnics
Your pov
Your just chilling at your and marks house playing (favorite video game) when marks comes out of the kitchen and asks "hey (y/n) wanna go on a picnic Sunday?" You said "sure" and smiled.then mark joined your game and you guys played until midnight,then finally decided to go to sleep.
:iconcoolgirl5623:coolgirl5623 3 0


Five nights at Freddy's (night 3)
Hai! Again! :3
          Ok so I know I haven't made a story in a while I was caught up with school and other shit :P so anyways enjoy...LIKE A BOSS! X3
You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock buzzing you got up and slammed your hand on the alarm clock and groaned loudly.dammit you say I have to go to Freddy Fuckbear's pizza...but..why are they trying to get me? Why are they trying to stuff me into a suit?...why are they roaming the halls anyways? I want to know wonder as you get in the car.hmmm...Maybe Mike knows something about the place...
You were sitting in the office with Mike.He checked the doors and you checked the cameras.Mike,you you happen to know anything about the pizzaria? Especially the animatronics?Mike only sighed.there Were 5 children that was a murdered here at the pizzaria...nobody else here knows about it except me and the guy on the phon
:iconitalygirl56:italygirl56 1 0
Sharpie Sapphire by Mdunl123 Sharpie Sapphire :iconmdunl123:Mdunl123 3 2 Hetalia Russia Papercraft by tsunyandere Hetalia Russia Papercraft :icontsunyandere:tsunyandere 473 30 Lost Temple by dashinvaine Lost Temple :icondashinvaine:dashinvaine 81 8 Lights Out by xCollecx Lights Out :iconxcollecx:xCollecx 144 41 Mercy vs Hellbaron (repost) by Grobi-Grafik Mercy vs Hellbaron (repost) :icongrobi-grafik:Grobi-Grafik 423 79 Summer swing by yenna-photo Summer swing :iconyenna-photo:yenna-photo 139 8 undertale: fancy jacket sans by Dragons-Roar undertale: fancy jacket sans :icondragons-roar:Dragons-Roar 186 1
Jacksepticeye X reader pocky
........I had to make this......ENJOY
You were sitting on the couch with Jack in his apartment watching TV when Jack said "Hey (Y/N) I bought you some thing you might like" "ok" you said "what is it?" "You'll see!" Jack said, running to the kitchen. "I wonder what it is" you said to yourself,when Jack came back (that sort of rymed) he had something behind him. When he whisked it around his back, he showed  you a pack of pockeys. Your eyes grew wide. "Well" he said "what do you think?" You stared at him witch seemed like forever until you said " I love pockys" he chuckles and says "I'm glad you do :3" so after you and Jack were almost done eating the pockys you grabbed the last one and put it in your mouth when suddenly Jack grabbed the other end and he took the pocky away from your mouth and smashed his lips against yours at first you where shocked and then you decided to kiss back Jack wispered "I love you so much" and you wispered back " I love you t
:iconitalygirl56:italygirl56 17 9
Thank you ( I guess)
Hai people! Ok so recently I just got 10 llamas and there's a couple of favorites on my stories and some people are following me and I just wanna say thank you all so much for the support. I really like doing this. I don't really pay much attention to the favorites on stories I have on each story, I don't care much about that but I don't know if you know this but I read the comments every time I have a chance and to and try to answer all of them. Anyways I just want you to know that you mean so much to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. So thank you all so much and I love you all ( no joke)
wHaT dO i dO ThAt iS WoRtH lIkInG?
:iconitalygirl56:italygirl56 1 0
Anatomical etchasketch by pikajane Anatomical etchasketch :iconpikajane:pikajane 29 13 Continuous line etch a sketch by pikajane Continuous line etch a sketch :iconpikajane:pikajane 223 91
Mature content
Uke!Prussia X Reader LEMON :iconlittlecuteinsaneboy:LittleCuteInsaneBoy 587 239
ARRRR..ic? by CrystalCurtisArt ARRRR..ic? :iconcrystalcurtisart:CrystalCurtisArt 176 7
Mature content
Septiplier lemon! :icongrapeapple4:grapeapple4 92 143
Cryaotic_GO!AK! by aulauly7 Cryaotic_GO!AK! :iconaulauly7:aulauly7 585 40




Anyone who has a idea or a suggestion for a fan fic,plz comment it down below,and I'll try to the best of my abilities to make it happen

As always,I love you guys <3<3<3


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